The Connection Between Weight Loss and the Immune System

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Miranda Sommer

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Obesity issues are widespread in our society today, and one of the primary impacts that this can have on your physical health is on your immune system. When your body is carrying extra fat, this excess body weight can reduce the functioning of your body systems because of how this extra material stores harmful toxins within it. Additionally, this extra weight often slows down the metabolism, which can reduce the functioning of your entire body system. See below for a more in-depth analysis of the effects of added weight on your immunity and how you can begin to lose weight and transform your life!

The Impacts of Excess Body Weight on the Immune System

People often don’t realize this, but gaining weight does not only have an effect on your physical appearance, but it can also significantly impact your physical health. The fat that accumulates when you are overweight actually contains harmful toxins, and this fat continues to release these toxic substances into your bloodstream over time. These toxins can leave you more susceptible to illness and can even trigger the onset of disease! 


Besides the basic toxic nature of this fat, when you consume other toxic substances and chemicals, this also gets stored in your fatty tissue, making it exponentially more dangerous. As these toxins accumulate over time, they can begin to cause immense damage to the body and mind. 


Excess body weight also damages the functioning of the metabolism, causing it to slow down. This can make it even more challenging to lose weight in the future as well. Additional fat in the body also leads to chronic inflammation in the body, which can significantly impact your overall health. Inflammation leads to general wear and tear on your body, affecting your immunity and the functioning of all of your organ systems in general. 

So, What Can You Do About This?

Eating whole and natural foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, is MOST important to both lose weight and decrease inflammation in the body. Some of the best anti-inflammatory and antioxidant foods to benefit your immune system are salmon, broccoli, blueberries, olive oil, and apples. The regular consumption of fruits and vegetables is the key ingredient to every weight loss journey as they are in taught in the Reset with Miranda program. 


Building lean muscle is particularly beneficial at improving this process too, because it assists you in burning calories at a more efficient rate, leading to more significant weight loss. Lean muscle helps you maintain your body at a healthy weight over time once you reach your weight loss goals as well. Some of the best ways to build lean muscle are through practices such as yoga, Tai Chi, and weightlifting. 


When you exercise to build muscle, in particular, this can reduce the percentage of body fat by replacing it with muscle instead. Exercise supports the detoxification process and begins to wean down the amount of toxins in your body while eating a whole food diet and increase your metabolism at the same time.



Excess body weight not only feels unattractive, but it is awful for your physical health and your immune system in particular. So, get started on your weight loss journey so that you can feel healthier from the inside out!


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Reset with Miranda - Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program
Reset with Miranda - Metabolic Reset Weight Loss Program

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